Photodynamic therapy for Cancer treatment


What is TENO?

The TENO of ANIXON is the versatile and cost effective laser system for photodynamic animal therapy. Truly portable and operating from a standard electrical wall socket, the laser can be taken with ease from one location to the next. Treatment can be delivered directly to the patient, whether in the operating room or veterinarian office.
Using semiconductor diodes as the laser source, the TENO emits laser light at 660nm for use in conjunction with Photosensitizer for treatment of specific cancers.
The laser energy is delivered by the fiber optic delivery system, which is compatible with the endoscopic instrumentation.



Laser Type InGaAlP Laser Diode, CW & Pulse Mode
Wavelength 660nm ± 3 nm
Pulse Duration 0.2 to 600ms
Max output Power 2.5W
Cooling System Air Cooling System
Repetition Rate 1 to 500Hz
Power Supply AC 220V, 60Hz
Control system Footswitch, LCD touch screen
Aiming beam Diode laser (650nm)
Disable Control Emergency Stop Button
Dimensions 400(W) x 259(D) x 202(H)mm
Weight 11.2lb (5.1kg)