Aquasunny RF

Non surgical skin tightening
By radio frequency

Radio Frequency (RF) Injector


Aquasunny RF system is an innovative injector system (with suction screw multi needles) utilizing aquasunny aspirator.
Suction screw multi needles are easily injected to the firm inject-sites.
Aquasunny aspirator makes inject-sites firm by pulling it upward.
This procedure occurs simultaneously and injection can be made surprisingly easily and fastly.

Radio Frequency (RF) Injector

Non surgical skin tightening by radio frequency.
Effective for reducing wrinkle.


  • Aquasunny systemEnables suction screw multi needle to penetrate smoothly
    Challenge treatment zones that are difficult to inject manually
  • Inject equal amounts of medicine into targeted depth(0~3㎜)Uniformly distributed
  • Treatment productivity increasesLess time & efforts required
  • Maximize patients’ satisfactionLess recovery time & pain


  • Dry Skin
  • Fine Wrinkles & Aging Skin
  • Dark and Dull Skin
  • Skin Lacking elasticity




Irradiation Type Continuous / Injection type
Suction Level LOW, MID, HIGH
Syringe 2, 3, 5cc
Needle Tip 13 Pin,32 gauge
Protection of drug loss function  Automatically use back function