Versatile Laser System for Microdermabrasion,
Mole & Skin Tag Removal & Scar Treatment

2940nm Er:YAG Laser

AVVIO(Er : YAG Laser) is effective for skin resurfacing, scars and wrinkles with a wavelength
of 2940nm – which has the highest absorption of water
(1250 times higher than Er : Glass, 100 time higher than CO₂).
It creates micro channels in skin by laser beam, increases collagen synthesis and promotes
the regeneration of skin. In addition, Er : YAG is more safer than CO₂with less thermal damage of tissue.
AVVIO’s fractional hand piece enables to improve Fine wrinkles and Micro peeling treatment.


Penetration Depth



Highly effective in multiple indications such as scars, wrinkles and skin resurfacing:

It has 100 times higher water absorption rate than CO2, much safer with less thermaldamage on targeted tissue

Multiple pulse (short & long) durations according to the different types of treatment plans:

Short (250μs) mode is for bulged & depressed lesion / Long (1000μs) mode is for skin resurfacing

In addition to Zoom handpiece, an additional handpiece (Fractional) is an excellent choice for
micro peeing and ne wrinkle improvement


  • Wart, Milium, Corn
  • Pigmentation (Age spot, Lentigo)
  • Scar
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Fine line, Wrinkle
  • Large pore