New generation for companion &equine laser surgery.


What is MACO?

The MACO of ANIXON surgical diode laser has two operation modes – continuous mode and repeat pulse mode. The wavelength is 1940nm following current surgical trends. Optical fibers with diameters of 400, 600µm can be used as it’s delivery system.
The diode laser has a quick vaporization effect.
The laser beam has no electric stimulation to nerve and tissue.
There will be little injury, little pain and fewer complications for the patient, and the hospitalization is brief. The laser can match all kinds of endoscopies
by using optical fiber of different diameters. The laser also has flexible application in open surgery.


While the laser is designed for laser surgery, the veterinarian who operates the laser is not required to have a complicated training course for operating steps. Instead, the doctor only needs to set up the most basic parameter and then start the treatment. The operation of the laser is easy and user friendly, so the doctor can focus on the patient care.


Laser Type Diode Laser
Wavelength 1940 nm
Power on tissue 0.5 to 18W
Max output Power 18W
Emission mode CW mode, Repeat Pulsed mode
Repetition Rate 1 to 1,000Hz
Delivery system Optical fiber of 400 or 600μm diameters
Control system Footswitch, LCD touch screen
Aiming beam Diode laser (650nm)
Disable Control Emergency Stop Button
Dimensions 297 x 686 x 786mm
Weight 99.2lb (45kg)